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Richmond Derby style.

Our RICHMOND Derby style shoe is one of the most formal types of shoe you can wear for an event or special occasion. In a Derby the quarters are sewn on top of the vamps, giving the impression that they are two different pieces. They're also ideal for wearing with a jacket made of tweed or similar fabric and with a more relaxed and informal style of casual clothing.
This makes the Derby style ideal for all those informal moments, but without neglecting the flair and know-how of a man who dresses elegantly.

Richmond Oxford style.

The Oxford style of our Richmond design differs from the Derby in that the quarters for the laces are sewn internally, forming one single piece. If you've chosen to wear morning dress, your shoes should definitely be a plain lace-up Oxford style, a very elegant, classic type of English shoe. They're perfect for wearing with a full suit and the most popular colours are brown and black.

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Richmond estilo Oxford

Charlestown patent leather.

This patent leather and velvet shoe is definitely reserved for a very formal dress code. For tuxedos or tailcoats, we recommend wearing this same style of shoe.

High-heeled court shoe, Thelma

Stiletto heels are strictly for evening or night-time events. The strictest etiquette says they should always be worn with transparent stockings. As well as meeting these requirements, Thelma is also really comfy because of its gel insole and flexible sole.

Flat ballet pump Vivien

Flat shoes have become a good option for looking elegant at a wedding, but it's important that they're elegantly designed. The Vivien style with its "v" front and small heel is able to give that formal touch you want for a special event.

High-heeled Fillmore sandal

A high-heeled sandal is the perfect kind of shoe for summer events. Decorative trims such as rhinestones and a crossover on the front give a sophisticated touch so you'll dazzle.

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