Jorge Redondo

On this occasion, the inspiration is focused on the dazzling metallic colors and the natural beauty of minerals. The stone quarry has been chosen as the setting to immortalise the new pieces of the collection.

The new collection features a very special sandal design made with handmade gemstone flowers. The highlight of this collection is that the Quartz and Sapphire models are available in two heights.
This sophisticated ornament can also be found in several pieces of the collection, showcasing the Onyx pump, featuring an asymmetrical design, and the Citrine sandal, distinguished by its pronounced bell heel. The entire collection is crafted in laminated leathers in silver, copper, and gold colors.
Following this line, rhinestones and strass have been worked into various shapes. Like in the Diamond sandal, distinguished by its half-sphere crystal detail.
Finally, the collection also includes a platform shoe in various colors of laminated leather, and the Spinel sandal, featuring an elegant mid-heel.